We have our own claims teams servicing and supporting the two business streams and, where appropriate, we also use preferred claims TPA’s to honour the commitments we make to our clients.

An efficient, proactive and highly professional team services the claims arising from both our Delegated Authority and Single Risk businesses.

We ensure a swift and equitable response to all claims. We keep our customers at the forefront of our minds and informed at every stage of the claims’ resolution process.

Inter Hannover claims’ adjusters have both the technical understanding and experience, along with the pertinent authority, to make decisions quickly and deliver on the promises made by our underwriting teams.

Making a claim in the UK, Australia, Canada and USA

Delegated Authority claims

Single Risk claims

Please note for US claims queries, you should refer to your policy documentation to obtain the relevant claims helpline number. Alternatively, you can contact the email address below:


Making a claim in Scandinavia

General enquiries: contact@inter-hannover.com

For information Aviation and Marine claims handling click here.

Making a claim in Germany

Schadenmeldungen in Deutschland

Please contact Mrs Lena Kettler: lena.kettler@inter-hannover.com