Our Agency Partners are unique and diverse, but common attributes include:

  • They value long-term partnerships
  • They have a niche focus, and are recognised experts in their business
  • They act as an insurer, not merely a distribution channel
  • They are professional and innovative
  • They have the administrative infrastructure to service their own requirements, and those of policyholders and Inter Hannover

Inter Hannover provides:

  • Underwriting capacity and capital
  • Business, insurance experience and underwriting expertise
  • A receptive, empathetic sounding board for ideas and visions for the future development
  • Dedicated Agency Managers and access to decision makers
  • Flexibility of a small A+rated insurance company
  • A conflict-free distribution channel

In partnership we:

  • Agree products and pricing; and help develop new products
  • Agree underwriting authority and guidelines
  • Agree the procedures, controls, information flow and data requirements
  • Hold regular review meetings to discuss current issues and future strategy
  • Build a unique relationship with you