Our Marine department within our Inter Hannover Scandinavian Branch, based in Stockholm, provides insurance cover for the traditional marine insurance risks. We underwrite the following:

  • Hull
  • Cargo
  • Liability
  • Specie


We provide a comprehensive range of insurance solutions for hull business emanating from our region, the Nordic and Baltic countries. Hull business consists of ship-owners' insurances (hull & machinery, hull interests, loss of hire and special insurances relating to the ships) and war risks. The business is written as direct insurance, through intermediaries, or occasionally as facultative reinsurance.


We provide cargo insurance for all types of goods in transit for clients in the Nordic countries and Baltic States whether it is for global manufacturing companies or small and middle sized enterprises. We provide tailor-made coverage for individual needs as well as a standard transport insurance cover.

Most of our cargo business derives from Swedish brokers and we are well recognised in the Swedish market.

We find risk selection most important and value a Risk Management philosophy and good knowledge of cargo loss prevention, quality in packing and means of transport.

Our products and coverage:

We have a capacity of EUR 20,000,000 per conveyance or storage location. Our specialty in the field of commodities are Oil and Chemicals, Food and Beverage, Minerals and steel products and Machinery Goods.

We have built up a special knowledge of Project Cargo risks which has become one of our specialised products.


  • Marine Cargo Insurance; Catastrophe coverage to all-risk insurance programmes whether on a yearly basis or short time cover
  • Marine Liability; Coverage according to laws and coventions. Exceptions with tailor-made coverage with other limits to be agreed is also one of our specialties
  • ALOP/DSU coverage

Please contact one of our underwriters for more information on what we offer.


We provide liability insurance, mainly for charterers and freight forwarders.


We have been writing Cash in Transit since 2006 and received in 2014 the Hannover Re group’s responsibility of all insurance and/or facultative reinsurance Specie business on a worldwide basis within the group. We will continue focusing in quoting and leading Cash in Transit business and will build up a profitable General Specie class. We aim not to participate on Jewellers Block unless on attractive excess layers. Fine Art will continue to be written out of Hannover.