We focus on developing our business through our branch network where we continue to develop and grow our expertise. Our branches are located in the following cities: London, Stockholm, Sydney and Toronto. Our office in Milan handles an active as well as a run-off portfolio in Italy.

In addition, we can trade on an excess and surplus lines basis in US mainland states and other affiliated US territories either via the London market or direct through our Home Office in Hannover.

We are also able to take advantage of the global reach of the Hannover Re Group to assist in developing new business opportunities in territories where Inter Hannover does not have a license, allowing fronting arrangements to be put in place, where appropriate.

We combine the local expertise of our branch network with the global capabilities of Hannover Re to provide a broad range of tailored solutions for a diverse range of risks in many territories around the world.

We do this while maintaining vigilance over regulatory and licensing requirements and placing the customer at the heart of our operation.

Inter Hannover Locations

Inter Hannover locations worldwide