We specialise in writing primary insurance business stemming from Europe, America and Australia. Inter Hannover is authorised to write all classes of property and casualty business both within our Delegated Authority Division, where a well-defined underwriting authority is transferred to a third party and our Single Risk Division, where underwriting authority is retained and each risk is considered on its own merits.

We have a diverse portfolio and provide our partners and customers with a broad range of insurance products and solutions. We split our lines of business into Delegated Authority business and Single Risk. We write all lines of business with the financial backing and reinsurance support by our single shareholder Hannover Re.

At Inter Hannover we offer a unique One-Stop-Shop, a long term commitment, specialist knowledge and expert advice for all our clients, both large and small.

We are proud to be somewhat different and take the time to build long lasting relationships with our underwriting agents and trading partners, who can rely upon our strong capital base and Group rating to provide excellent security.

Inter Hannover strives to be ‘somewhat different’ through:

  • Our flexible, innovative and adaptable business model
  • Our focus on long-term partnerships
  • The ability to provide specialist expertise
  • Our commitment to non-competing distribution channels for Agency business
  • Enabling direct access to empowered decision makers